Whenever you deal with science fiction you are setting up a world of rules. I think you work hard to establish the rules. And you also have to work even harder to maintain those rules and within that find excitement and unpredictability and all that stuff.

I sort of was good at writing essays. I was never very good at mathematics and I was never very good at algebra. I loved science but I wasn't sure of it.

Science fiction is no more written for scientists that ghost stories are written for ghosts.

We must always emphasize research and development of science and mathematics and I can think of no better way to achieve this than through our future in space.

The relevance of Marxism to science is that it removes it from its imagined position of complete detachment and shows it as a part but a critically important part of economy and social development.

The recognition of the art that informs all pure science need not mean the abandonment for it of all present art rather it will mean the completion of the transformation of art that has already begun.

It is characteristic of science that the full explanations are often seized in their essence by the percipient scientist long in advance of any possible proof.

A third ideal that has made its way in the modern world is reliance on reason especially reason disciplined and enriched by modern science. An eternal basis of human intercommunication is reason.

I do love science fiction but it's not really a genre unto itself it always seems to merge with another genre. With the few movies I've done I've ended up playing with genre in some way or another so any genre that's made to mix with others is like candy to me. It allows you to use big mythic situations to talk about ordinary things.

If you look at the purported dangers of salt or fat there is no consensus of support in scientific literature. So I would ask first: 'Is it possible to have an informed government that actually follows the science?' From what I've seen it's not likely.

Science almost from its beginnings has been truly international in character. National prejudices disappear completely in the scientist's search for truth.

They've also asked me now to start on another series that we're gonna do after this Frontier Earth. But it's not science fiction it's more in the Mystery and Crime division and that's another area I'm very interested in.

If co-operation is thus the lifeblood of science and technology it is similarly vital to society as a whole.

I'm crazy about Grant: his character his nature his science in fighting and everything else. But I don't like the idea that he never accepted the blame for anything always found someone else to blame for any mistake that was ever made including blaming Prentiss for Shiloh.

We've established a Washington State Academy of Sciences that will enable us to make decisions based on science about what is right for our state meaning the quality of our lives will get better.

In my family as in most middle-class Indian families I knew when I was growing up science and mathematics were held in awe.

All the mathematical sciences are founded on relations between physical laws and laws of numbers so that the aim of exact science is to reduce the problems of nature to the determination of quantities by operations with numbers.

I started in this racket in the early '70s and when I was president of the Science Fiction Writers of America of which I was like the sixth president I was the first one nobody ever heard of.

It may be far in the future but there's some kind of logical way to get from where we are to where the science fiction is.

We do a hard fantasy as well as hard science fiction and I think I probably single-handedly recreated military science fiction. It was dead before I started working in it.

My personal feeling about science fiction is that it's always in some way connected to the real world to our everyday world.

One of my degrees was a science degree in biology.

I dislike literary jargon and never use it. Criticism has only one function and that is to help readers read and understand literature. It is not a science it is an aid to art.

There are relatively few science fiction or fantasy books with the main character being an old person.

Rocket science has been mythologized all out of proportion to its true difficulty.

But the power of science lies in open publication which with the rise of the Internet is no longer constrained by the price of paper.

We know evolution happened because innumerable bits of data from myriad fields of science conjoin to paint a rich portrait of life's pilgrimage.

Anecdotal thinking comes naturally science requires training.

But there is only one surefire method of proper pattern recognition and that is science.

I meant exactly what I said: that we are saddled with a culture that hasn't advanced as far as science.

As the Nation's primary supporter of research in the physical sciences the DOE Office of Science led the way in creating a unique system of large-scale specialized often one-of-a-kind facilities for scientific discovery.

Since coming to Congress I have been advocating for increased resources for research in the physical sciences and for the Department of Energy Office of Science in particular.

The problem with allowing God a role in the history of life is not that science would cease but rather that scientists would have to acknowledge the existence of something important which is outside the boundaries of natural science.

If modernist naturalism were true there would be no objective truth outside of science. In that case right and wrong would be a matter of cultural preference or political power and the power already available to modernists ideologies would be overwhelming.

The assumption that nature is all there is and that nature has been governed by the same rules at all times and places makes it possible for natural science to be confident that it can explain such things as how life began.

No doubt it is true that science cannot study God but it hardly follows that God had to keep a safe distance from everything that scientists want to study.

Science by itself has no moral dimension. But it does seek to establish truth. And upon this truth morality can be built.

In short it is not that evolutionary naturalists have been less brazen than the scientific creationists in holding science hostage but rather that they have been infinitely more effective in getting away with it.

Science is based on the possibility of objectivity on the possibility of different people checking out for themselves the observations made by others. Without that possibility there is no empirical principle capable of deciding between different arguments and theories.

As it turns out what looks like science sometimes is not.

So one reason the science educators panic at the first sign of public rebellion is that they fear exposure of the implicit religious content in what they are teaching.

If you publish a scientific paper it is very hard to start a nationwide debate about something. If you do this in a movie you can start a debate. We like to create a bridge between those two worlds - film and science.

We in science are spoiled by the success of mathematics. Mathematics is the study of problems so simple that they have good solutions.

There are so many stories to tell in the worlds of science fiction the worlds of fantasy and horror that to confine yourself to even doing historical revisionist fiction whatever you want to call it - mash-ups gimmick lit absurdist fiction - I don't know if I want to do that anymore.

It does not just happen. It is disclosed by science that practically one-half of trained intellectual resources are being mobilized for murderous purposes.

I believe that science fiction is as profound as you want it to be or it can be very simple entertainment and I'm all for very simple entertainment. Every now and then we all need to come home veg-out watch something and not think too deeply about it. It's what you want it to be. We tend to steer clear of being pedantic it's entertainment first otherwise we'd be on a lecture circuit.

I felt that chess... is a science in the form of a game... I consider myself a scientist. I wanted to be treated like a scientist.

Math is sometimes called the science of patterns.

I'd always wanted the show to be more reality based science fiction something along the lines of The Day the Earth Stood Still which I consider to be the classic science fiction film.

I read Popular Mechanics Popular Science Reader's Digest... I read some responsible journalism and from that I form my own opinions. I also happen to be intelligent and I question everything.

Mathematical science is in my opinion an indivisible whole an organism whose vitality is conditioned upon the connection of its parts.

The further a mathematical theory is developed the more harmoniously and uniformly does its construction proceed and unsuspected relations are disclosed between hitherto separated branches of the science.

How thoroughly it is ingrained in mathematical science that every real advance goes hand in hand with the invention of sharper tools and simpler methods which at the same time assist in understanding earlier theories and in casting aside some more complicated developments.

I've always been a fan of science fiction films and I've never been able to put my particular spin on it.

I'd always been a science fiction enthusiast.

I think Junior is certainly a science fiction premise as is Twins as is Dave beyond Ghostbusters.

1988 I also received from the city of Vienna the cross of honour for art and science. These titles and the various honors mean a great deal to me most of all for the reason that they would mean a great deal to my parents too.

That the way to achieve higher standards of living for all is through science and technology taking advantage of better tools methods and organization.

When I was a kid I loved 'The Curse of Frankenstein ' 'The Creeping Unknown ' 'X: The Unknown.' I love 'Forbidden Planet ' 'The Thing from Another World.' They were science fiction/horror movies generally.

Nevertheless as is a frequent occurrence in science a general hypothesis was constructed from a few specific instances of a phenomenon.

In this time of budget cuts we cannot forget that basic science is a building block for scientific innovation and economic growth in the information age.

Instead of having to be a member of the Royal Society to do science the way you had to be in England in the 17th 18th centuries today pretty much anybody who wants to do it can and the information that they need to do it is there.

Of course not everybody's willing to go out and do the experiments but for the people who are willing to go out and do that - if the experiments don't work then it means it's not science.

When I did 'Battlestar Galactica' it was the first time I really understood science fiction. That was a very political drama but set in spaceships so people didn't really take it seriously. But some really fascinating things were explored in that.

Even in our day science suspects beyond the Polar seas at the very circle of the Arctic Pole the existence of a sea which never freezes and a continent which is ever green.

I like to browse in occult bookshops if for no other reason than to refresh my commitment to science.

The Geezer album Black Science had a lot of keyboards and it did not work.

I love having my hands in the dirt. It is never a science and always an art. There are no rules. And if it comes down to me versus that weed I'm trying to pull out of the ground that doesn't want to come out? I know I'll win.

I finally decided one day reading science fiction magazines of the time I could do at least as well as some of these people are doing. So I finally made a serious effort.

I could write historical fiction or science fiction or a mystery but since I find it fascinating to research the clues of some little know period and develop a story based on that I will probably continue to do it.

There's a big overlap with the people you meet at the fantasy and science fiction cons.

My fiction is reviewed by the mainstream press by science fiction periodicals romance magazines small press publications and various other journals including some usually devoted to archaeological and other science material.

I quite enjoy science fiction.

I have heard Science Fiction and Fantasy referred to as the fiction of ideas and I like that definition but it's the mainstream public that chooses my books for the most part.

Every science is a profane restatement of the preceding dogmas of the religious period.

Science Fiction is not just about the future of space ships travelling to other planets it is fiction based on science and I am using science as my basis for my fiction but it's the science of prehistory - palaeontology and archaeology - rather than astronomy or physics.

Brian and I were both science students. You know science sort of math and physics side you know.

Of the two I would think of my work as closer to Science Fiction than Fantasy.

We have long possessed the art of war and the science of war which have been evolved in the minutest detail.

I have been a reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy for a long time since I was 11 or 12 I think so I understand it and I'm not at all surprised that readers of the genre might enjoy my books.

Sound science must be a basis to governing our trade relations around the globe.

But man has still another powerful resource: natural science with its strictly objective methods.

I had never seen much of Star Trek or any other science fiction before I was cast. But Seven's wonderful.

I dig science fiction though it was never really my thing.

Fashion is the science of appearances and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.

The Old Testament is my favourite science fantasy reading.

With science fiction I think we are preparing ourselves for contact with them whoever they may be.

We must be willing to pay inspiring math and science teachers who have high paying alternatives in industry more to teach and reward students who take more challenging courses in high school.

But Roy Rockwood it was science fiction for the sake of science fiction.

I don't read other science fiction. I don't read any at all.

Math and science fields are not the only areas where we see the United States lagging behind. Less than 1 percent of American high school students study the critical foreign languages of Arabic Chinese Japanese Korean or Russian combined.

Today over half of China's undergraduate degrees are in math science technology and engineering yet only 16 percent of America's undergraduates pursue these schools.

We need to tap the resource of current and retiring science and math professionals that have both content mastery and the practical experience to serve as effective teachers.

Modern science then so far from being an enemy of romance is seen on every hand to be its sympathetic and resourceful friend its swift and irresistible helper in its serious need and an indulgent minister to its lighter fancies.

Questions have arisen about the policing of science. Who is responsible for the policing? My answer is: all of us.

Carl took on the military-industrial complex. He campaigned around the world for an end to the production of weapons of mass destruction. To him it was a perversion of science.

One of the first rules of science is if somebody delivers a secret weapon to you you better use it.

But honestly if you do a rigorous survey of my work I'll bet you'll find that biology is a theme far more often than physical science.

Change is the principal feature of our age and literature should explore how people deal with it. The best science fiction does that head-on.

Predicting has a spotty record in science fiction. I've had some failures. On the other hand I also predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of fundamentalist Islam... and I'm not happy to be right in all of those cases.

There's no doubt that scientific training helps many authors to write better science fiction. And yet several of the very best were English majors who could not parse a differential equation to save their lives.

In praising science it does not follow that we must adopt the very poor philosophies which scientific men have constructed. In philosophy they have much more to learn than to teach.

The thing about science is that it's an accurate picture of the world.

Science is a self-sufficient activity.

The theory of undirected evolution is already dead but the work of science continues.

Science is not a game in which arbitrary rules are used to decide what explanations are to be permitted.

I'm not a great science fiction fan myself. I probably feel that way about Westerns. Like I used to play Cowboys and Indians they can act out Will and the Robot.

It was a shock to people of the nineteenth century when they discovered from observations science had made that many features of the biological world could be ascribed to the elegant principle of natural selection.

Global Warming: It is a hoax. It is bad science. It is high-jacking public policy. It is the greatest scam in history.

It is often said that science must avoid any conclusions which smack of the supernatural.

I'm mostly a novelist these days but I have written short stories in Fantasy Science Fiction and horror.

It is a shock to us in the twentieth century to discover from observations science has made that the fundamental mechanisms of life cannot be ascribed to natural selection and therefore were designed. But we must deal with our shock as best we can and go on.

I have to do more close research and fact checking for the science fiction. This is not however to say that writing good fantasy does not involve doing good research.

Harmony is an obscure and difficult musical science but most difficult to those who are not acquainted with the Greek language because it is necessary to use many Greek words to which there are none corresponding in Latin.

That said ID does not qualify as science because it gives us nothing to test or measure. Science requires replicable tests involving measurable variables.

Sure science involves trial and error. Scientists refine theories each day. But as they do they help us grasp more clearly the wonders of the world and the universe.

We're not all equal it's simply not true. That isn't science.

Science has always been my preoccupation and when you think a breakthrough is possible it is terribly exciting.

Science moves with the spirit of an adventure characterized both by youthful arrogance and by the belief that the truth once found would be simple as well as pretty.

I think the reason people are dealing with science less well now than 50 years ago is that it has become so complicated.

I sort of feel that climate change will be solved by science. I just feel instinctively that we will find a way of saving ourselves. But I am less confident that we won't destroy ourselves in other ways.

There's a science to ordering potatoes. Are they skinny shoestring or big fat steak fries? You just have to let your taste buds guide you when deciding what to eat.

I'm not being evasive but I am saying I'm not a scientist and I'm not directly involved in the consultation however the science must be sound it must be agreed and the consultation must be of a high quality or no one will have any confidence in the process.

Anthropologists are a connecting link between poets and scientists though their field-work among primitive peoples has often made them forget the language of science.

Tact and diplomacy are fine in international relations in politics perhaps even in business in science only one thing matters and that is the facts.

I really like being pregnant. Not that there aren't things I don't love but when I think about what my body is doing - creating a child - it just blows my mind. I'm in awe of the process and science.

It's very strange writing science fiction in a world that moves as fast as ours does.

I think there is a tendency in science to measure what is measurable and to decide that what you cannot measure must be uninteresting.

I was sent to a finishing school which didn't last long when mother found out how badly chaperoned we were. Then I 'came out' before going to a domestic science school.

People challenge my nerd cred all the time. I just show them the photo of me winning my middle-school science fair wearing my Casio calculator watch and eyeglasses so big they look like they can see the future.

Neither science nor the politics in power nor the mass media nor business nor the law nor even the military are in a position to define or control risks rationally.

I was on the football team because I wanted to experience the different iconic social classes of high school. So football for me was an attempt to socially integrate in an interesting way. And then I didn't like it anymore and stopped doing it and focused more on drama and science and other forms of art and music.

People who love science fiction really do love sex.

Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do.

Don't you see what's at stake here? The ultimate aim of all science to penetrate the unknown. Do you realize we know less about the earth we live on than about the stars and the galaxies of outer space? The greatest mystery is right here right under our feet.

American high school students trail teenagers from 14 European and Asian countries in reading math and science. We're even trailing France.

Art is made to disturb science reassures.

Computer Science is embarrassed by the computer.

Science for hundreds of years has spanned the differences between cultures and between countries.

Life science research can be done on multiple platforms. Since we have a very small number of people flying into space the more people you have the better.

It's such a long mission and we get to spend so much time in space... we're doing such exciting research. And I don't want to overemphasize the life science research but as a physician the life science research that we're doing is extremely exciting.

It was generally believed that Catholics were not interested in arts and science graduate schools. They weren't going to be intellectuals. And so I put the theses to the test. And they all collapsed.

One hardly knows where in the history of science to look for an important movement that had its effective start in so pure and simple an accident as that which led to the building of the great Washington telescope and went on to the discovery of the satellites of Mars.

The time was not yet ripe for the growth of mathematical science among us and any development that might have taken place in that direction was rudely stopped by the civil war.

I would argue that the issue of God and the issue of science have the same roots.

However I wasn't very good at the sciences or didn't have a lot of help in the sciences or something but certainly didn't set science for my A level. And when I came to take my A levels I didn't get a good enough result to go to University.

Beyond that I seem to be compelled to write science fiction rather than fantasy or mysteries or some other genre more likely to climb onto bestseller lists even though I enjoy reading a wide variety of literature both fiction and nonfiction.

In beef trade issues we base our decisions upon science.

The goal is to normalize trade relations based on sound science and consumer protection.

We asked ourselves and the world to base decisions on good science and I really believe the United States can be the leader in delivering that message to our international trading partners.

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