Men must stop being jealous of their power and generously allow freedom and responsibility to others. The reward is harmonious families and society.

What is our freedom fight about? Is it about the liberation of children or just having sex with them?

If I am outspoken of the dangers of intemperance to members of our armed forces it is because we are all especially concerned for the welfare of those who are risking their lives in the cause of freedom.

We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government trying to take away our freedom. And we must always protect the environment in a manner consistent with our values.

The main thing I believe in is freedom.

Our constitutional liberties shall not be sacrificed in our search for greater security for that is what our enemies and all enemies of freedom and democracy hope to achieve.

Without economic development any potential for political openness and freedom will be questionable.

The very first things that I did even in theater were bad guys. They are meaty roles for the most part. With the bad guy you have more freedom to experiment and go further out than with a good guy.

To me music has to be about freedom. It's the most important thing in my life.

People ask me if I ever thought of writing a children's book. I say 'If I had a serious brain injury I might well write a children's book' but otherwise the idea of being conscious of who you're directing the story to is anathema to me because in my view fiction is freedom and any restraints on that are intolerable.

A growing number of young women who have the freedom to decide have decided that career can wait and the delicious early years of their children's lives can't.

When I was in jail I was a lot of people's favorite person. I practically ran the jail. I had more freedom than the police.

There is a bright spot or two for the Spaniards. French toast has become freedom toast on the Air Force One breakfast menu but the Spanish omelet is still a Spanish omelet.

Freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter mush. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order.

The men and women who serve in our military have won for us every hour we live in freedom sometimes at the expense of the very hours of the lifetimes they had hoped to live.

You make a movie for 9k for the freedom it allows you.

The media bring our wars home but only rarely have they been able to do it in complete freedom.

I like movies that pop that have a little bit of candy on that freedom to have a little bit of extra fun but are rooted in real behaviour. Rooted in cause and effect never violating reality.

The wretch who lives without freedom feels like dressing in the mud from the streets Those who have you o Liberty do not know. you. Those who do not have you should not speak of you but win you.

Fulfill - you can far more than fulfill - the brightest anticipations of those who in the name of human freedom and in the face of threats that have ripened into terrible realities since fought that battle which placed you where you now stand.

I've never had anything but the freedom to do what I wanted just as long as it made me happy.

While it's really hard to do at the same time I'm escaping my body which I really want to do. I'm living someone else's life. I get very intensely into the story into the interviews and the research. I'm experiencing things along with my subjects. I have a freedom I don't have in my physical life.

The challenge as we saw in the Nigerian project was to restructure the economy decisively in the direction of a modern free market as an appropriate environment for cultivation of freedom and democracy and the natural emergence of a new social order.

Most importantly nothing has happened to change my conviction that freedom and the love of liberty remain the essential defining attributes of our national character as a people.

If you ask me to summarise our mission I would put it this way: We were a military regime that sought to lay the foundations for freedom and liberty in a complex society.

We are a nation in which freedom is alive in the squares and streets in the daily work of the communications media in the open relationship between the governing and the governed.

I am not an anti to anything which will bring freedom to my class.

I am somebody who... - I'm not saying I'm perfect but I need that freedom that ability to make mistakes out there. Because there's a fine line between making a mistake or being brilliant.

If technology has finally caught up with individual liberty why would anyone who loves freedom want to rethink that?

When public access to voting is impaired or when public confidence in voting is diluted democracy suffers and our freedom is less secure.

We've got to understand that the whole nature of the way American democracy guards its freedom has been changed.

We live in a land like no other - a land of freedom and opportunity unparalleled on the face of the globe.

Spirit borrows from matter the perceptions on which it feeds and restores them to matter in the form of movements which it has stamped with its own freedom.

Freedom - an occupied space which must be reoccupied every day.

The balance between freedom and security is a delicate one.

Now we understand much more clearly. why people from all over the world want to come to New York and to America. It's called freedom.

I grew up under Communism so we could only learn Russian and then when Communism fell in 1989 we could learn a few more things and have the freedom to travel and the freedom of speech - and the freedom of dreaming really.

I was the youngest child and got a lot more freedom than my brother and sister. I used to wander doing my own thing under the radar but I didn't get in bad bad trouble.

I think that we could be more careful about what we're saying to young women in terms of their expectations. It's unrealistic to expect people to always be in designer clothes. Girls growing up deserve more freedom in how they look and how they feel about how they look.

To stop terrorists before the strike we must do three things: deny them entry into the country curtail their freedom of action inside the country and deprive them of material and moral support from within the country.

Our soldiers have nobly fought to protect freedom since our country's birth and have fought to protect those that could not protect themselves even in foreign lands when called upon.

In terms of filming yes it really does feel over now. There's a real sense of freedom now. It's a good time to finish I think. As much as I'm going to miss it I'm ready to move on and do different things.

We need international support so that our people live a life of normality of dignity of liberty and freedom. I hope that our cry for freedom may be heard.

The humor is essentially dark for a cartoon and sophisticated. But at the same time being a cartoon gives the writers more freedom than in a normal sitcom. It always pushes the line that despite human failings the Simpsons are really decent people.

School gives you the freedom to explore different philosophies religions aspects of yourself and subjects.

A trait which differentiated New York from European cities was the incredible freedom and ease in which life including sexual life could be carried on on many levels.

People want the freedom. They want to be able to shop. If you don't like the shop trading hours and you're a shop owner you don't have to open.

Freedom is a muscle... you have to exercise it.

I know what you're going to say! 'They are men and men should be free.' A free man is dangerous to himself and everyone else. Freedom should be left to those who can put it to good use.

If a jerk burns the flag America is not threatened democracy is not under siege freedom is not at risk.

As a child I was given the freedom to explore my passion for acting but I also grew up in a home where there were a lot of rules. I didn't have 'yes' parents.

A man of strength and wisdom John Paul became an inspiration to generations of both Catholics and non-Catholics throughout the world by encouraging freedom promoting peace and respecting all faiths.

Money equals freedom.

Three simple words - freedom justice and honesty. These sum up what the Liberal Democrats stand for.

I have a fantastic relationship with money. I use it to buy my freedom.

Without freedom of the press there can be no representative government.

When I went off to the army when I was 17 years old I believed in America and the rights of freedom. But today I believe my government is lying to the American people and that my president George Bush is a criminal.

I used to think that if I had success I would have freedom. But I have less freedom now than I've ever had. And what gives me satisfaction is not the jewelry and not the cars. What gives me satisfaction is doing things for others like children.

I take life as it happens. And I give myself a lot of freedom.

I am optimistic that peace can be achieved in the region because I believe that every society on earth can be free and that if freedom comes to the Middle East there can be peace.

Believe me the drug of freedom is universally potent.

By helping readers understand these mechanics I hope they will appreciate why freedom is for everyone why it is essential for our security and why the free world plays a critically important role in advancing democracy around the globe.

The three main sources of scepticism are first that not every people desires freedom second that democracy in certain parts of the world would be dangerous and third that there is little the world's democracies can do to advance freedom outside their countries.

I was inspired to write this book by those who are sceptical of the power of freedom to change the world.

People ask 'How does doing a film compare to doing an ad?' Well when you're doing a commercial you don't have to sell tickets. You have a captured audience. Which is actually completely rare and great it gives you a lot of freedom. When you make a film you have to do advertisements for the film.

Not to mention the fact that of course terrorists hate freedom. I think they do hate. But believe me I don't think they sit there abstractly hating freedom.

Wherever on this planet ideals of personal freedom and dignity apply there you will find the cultural inheritance of England.

My father described this tall lady who stands in the middle of the New York harbor holding high a torch to welcome people seeking freedom in America. I instantly fell in love.

You have spent many lives and much treasure to bring freedom to many lands that were reluctant to receive it. And here you have a people who won it by themselves and need only the help to preserve it.

You the foreign media have been the companion of my people in its long and painful journey to freedom.

Money buys many things... The best of which is freedom.

I want to have the freedom to do whatever I want.

America has never seen itself as a national state like all others but rather as an experiment in human freedom and democracy.

Creative freedom is an imperative for me but it doesn't really exist in a Hollywood game.

My name became known because I was one might say accidentally the target of state repression and because so many people throughout the country and other parts of the world organized around the demand for my freedom.

Freedom of expression comes with responsibilities especially when it comes with serious implications for peace.

Yes we have the freedom to do what we please but it only works because we don't do everything we might please - we should exercise some degree of personal and corporate responsibility.

It the British System is the most gigantic system of slavery the world has yet seen and therefore it is that freedom gradually disappears from every country over which England is enabled to obtain control.

If governments let themselves be fully bound by the decisions of their parliaments without protecting their own freedom to act a breakup of Europe would be a more probable outcome than deeper integration.

You know you don't retreat in the defense of freedom. You don't retreat in the defense of moral government and limited government. You don't retreat because people are going to defend bad things.

The first of all commodities to be exchanged is labour and the freedom of man consists only in the exercise of the right to determine for himself in what manner his labour shall be employed and how he will dispose of its products.

I always wanted to make a children's album because you have the freedom to explore so many wonderful topics and sounds.

It's great to have the freedom to enjoy your work and not feel like you're leaving your other life behind.

Real change isn't found in some new way to think about yourself but in freedom from the need to think about yourself at all.

Another hero was Tom Swift in the books. What he stood for the freedom the scientific knowledge and being and engineer gave him the ability to invent solutions to problems. He's always been a hero to me. I buy old Tom Swift books now and read them to my own children.

How can you be conservative and justify wiretapping people without a warrant? We're supposed to be the party of personal freedom and civil liberties.

In short is not liberty the freedom of every person to make full use of his faculties so long as he does not harm other persons while doing so?

The enemies of freedom will not prevail.

To her audience Janis Joplin has remained a symbol artifact and reminder of late Sixties youth culture. Her popularity never derived from her musical ability but from her capacity to link her fantasies of freedom and immortality with ours.

In times such as these people should recognize that evil knows no borders knows no limits and knows no compassion. Those around the globe that value freedom must continue to persevere even in the darkest of times.

It is not natural or inevitable that half the world goes hungry that the freedom of markets trumps protection of the planet or that citizens' rights come second to those of corporations.

I have always that there ought to be some kind of mandatory national service not necessarily in the military but to show everybody that freedom isn't free that everybody has an obligation to the nation as a community.

Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself.

Working with David Cronenberg or Darren Aronofsky or even Steven Soderbergh isn't really like a typical Hollywood movie. These are true artists and have a certain amount of freedom when they work and they're more like independent filmmakers making their way through big studios.

I don't have anything to prove anymore. I don't have a record deal no one has any expectations I'm in a position of freedom. I don't need anyone's approval.

A culture without property or in which creators can't get paid is anarchy not freedom.

For science must breathe the oxygen of freedom.

You have an absolute freedom in Mexican writing today in which you don't necessarily have to deal with the Mexican identity. You know why? Because we have an identity... We know who we are. We know what it means to be a Mexican.

That happens every time I get behind a guitar regardless of what I'm saying 'cause music is freedom and being free is the closest I've ever felt to being spiritual.

Maybe a part of me recognized how right the improvising spirit of jazz is. Not the sounds but the freedom to work with musicians who work that way. It felt very natural to me but I think there's a way to do it without it being a jazz record.

The United States is a giant island of freedom achievement wealth and prosperity in a world hostile to our values.

I have just enough people paying attention that I have the freedom to be in charge. And I have a great record company - Nonesuch understands what I'm about.

This enemy of peace in the world today is unlike any we have seen in the past and our military is learning from and building on previous successes while carrying peace and freedom into the future.

I was 37 when my father died-and I no longer had any freedom of choice over what I would do with the rest of my life.

Jazz stands for freedom. It's supposed to be the voice of freedom: Get out there and improvise and take chances and don't be a perfectionist - leave that to the classical musicians.

Many people don't understand how disciplined you have to be to play jazz... And that is really the idea of democracy - freedom within the Constitution or discipline. You don't just get out there and do anything you want.

Jazz is about freedom within discipline. Usually a dictatorship like in Russia and Germany will prevent jazz from being played because it just seemed to represent freedom democracy and the United States.

I do have the freedom to choose what I want to do and I'll continue to do that.

With Napster and the sharing of music of course there are going to be people who exploit it. Greed has no end. But there's a lot of good that could happen. We shouldn't let the economic concerns of the major labels infringe on our freedom to share music.

History is full of examples of people who clamp down after they began to enjoy too much freedom. Freedom can lead to instability anarchy and confusion. So there can be a moral counter-revolution.

Latinos have fought in all of America's wars beginning with the Revolutionary War. Many Latinos are fighting and dying for our country today in Iraq just as several of their ancestors fought for freedom in Mexico over a century ago.

There is something akin to freedom in having a lover who has no control over you except that which he gains by kindness and attachment.

The freedom to connect to the world anywhere at anytime brings with it the threat of unscrupulous predators and criminals who mask their activities with the anonymity the Internet provides to its users.

Havin' fun while freedom fightin' must be one of those lunatic Texas traits we get from the water - which is known to have lithium in it - because it goes all the way back to Sam Houston surely the most lovable the most human and the funniest of all the great men this country has ever produced.

I don't think that there is absolute freedom of the press. We operate under laws - against libel for instance. The idea that there is some absolute press freedom is kind of a myth.

The thing is this: You got to have fun while you're fightin' for freedom 'cause you don't always win.

When I was younger I was listening to a lot of Armenian music you know revolutionary music about freedom and protest. In the 70s I was listening to soul and the Bee Gees and ABBA and funk.

Time misspent in youth is sometimes all the freedom one ever has.

We believe that salvation is to be found in wholesome work in a beloved land. Work will provide our people with the bread of tomorrow and moreover with the honor of the tomorrow the freedom of the tomorrow.

The old Romans all wished to have a king over them because they had not yet tasted the sweetness of freedom.

Many have left their families to defend our freedom. We salute their bravery we express our appreciation and support to their families. And we pray for their safe return.

Eventually I want to be a full-time mother who works occasionally - and being an actor you have that freedom.

I have always been a firm believer in the longstanding American principle of having the right to bear arms and I will remain committed to see that this freedom is not infringed upon revoked or limited in any way.

The legal difference between the sit-ins and the Freedom Riders was significant.

I think there is a heritage which I'm proud of which is a fight for democracy a fight for social justice a fight for freedom. My grandfather went to jail or exile six times in his life fighting for his principles for democracy or for his country. And my father twice.

Life is a very orderly thing but in fiction there is a huge liberation and freedom. I can do what I like. There's nothing that says I can't write a page of full stops. There is no 'should' involved although you wouldn't know that from literary reviews and critics.

That feeling of freedom open highways of possibilities has kind of been lost to materialism and marketing.

It could be my British need for discipline that makes me admire the American appetite for freedom and passion.

Having grown up in Bombay from the day you're born you have absolute freedom to choose who you want to be.

If we want to talk about freedom we must mean freedom for others as well as ourselves and we must mean freedom for everyone inside our frontiers as well as outside.

But it required a disastrous internecine war to bring this question of human freedom to a crisis and the process of striking the shackles from the slave was accomplished in a single hour.

I stand for limited government fiscal responsibility personal freedom personal responsibility so the Republican Party will support me.

The Law of God reaches into every area of life and it brings about incredible blessing and incredible freedom.

Men like me who merely wish to establish political freedom will in such circumstances lose all their influence and others will get influence who may become dangerous to all established interests whatsoever.

Judgment traps you within the limitations of your comparisons. It inhibits freedom.

Our Founders warned against this. They said don't... that your liberty is only as secure as the people are. Because once they um get the ability to vote themselves entitlements from the largesse of the government liberty is done freedom is over with. We were warned. We are there.

American movies and music deliver themes of freedom innocence and power that appeal to others - partly because America itself was put together out of a multiplicity of national traditions.

Freedom of expression is the matrix the indispensable condition of nearly every other form of freedom.

With one man there was a freedom and liberation. That was with Michael Hutchence my partner in life.

Our work is a scream of freedom.

They were singing in French but the melody was freedom and any American could understand that.

When we through our educational culture through the media through the entertainment culture give our children the impression that human beings cannot control their passions we are telling them in effect that human beings cannot be trusted with freedom.

All my life Americans have been accustomed to thinking of theirs as 'the richest freest' country in the world. By most measurements it was long a contender for that honor and - among the larger countries if equal weight were given to wealth and indices of freedom - probably did deserve to be so described.

Freedom only for the members of the government only for the members of the Party - though they are quite numerous - is no freedom at all.

Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters.

Carry out the republican principle of universal suffrage or strike it from your banners and substitute 'Freedom and Power to one half of society and Submission and Slavery to the other.'

That's part of American greatness is discrimination. Yes sir. Inequality I think breeds freedom and gives a man opportunity.

The freedom of thought is a sacred right of every individual man and diversity will continue to increase with the progress refinement and differentiation of the human intellect.

I would say that the war correspondent gets more drinks more girls better pay and greater freedom than the soldier but at this stage of the game having the freedom to choose his spot and being allowed to be a coward and not be executed for it is his torture.

With paper printed books you have certain freedoms. You can acquire the book anonymously by paying cash which is the way I always buy books. I never use a credit card. I don't identify to any database when I buy books. Amazon takes away that freedom. Protection Status