While Free Choice Vouchers didn't fulfill my vision of a health care system in which every American would be empowered to hire and fire their insurance company they were a foothold for choice and competition and a safety valve for Americans whose employers are already forcing them to bear more and more of their family's health insurance costs.

The importance of human life should be universally respected - and that refers to children before they are born and after. All children have the right to be brought up in a loving two-parent family where the notion of divorce is not even possible.

More than any other setting - more than battlefields or boardrooms or a spaceship headed for intergalactic travel - I'll put my money on the family to provide an endless source of comedy tragedy and intrigue.

But I am Armenian and I understand what it is to lose a country and lose a family and have massacres and genocides and everything against my people.

I've always known I wanted a family.

And whereas women had to fight to find their way into the workforce men are now fighting to reclaim their place in the family structure.

I would like a food/lifestyle show. We're not sure what that is yet. I want to be able to share what I do and how I raise my family. I feel like I have a story to tell. I enjoy talking and listening sharing ideas and sharing advice.

My parents did a great job raising me and my two sisters. We all graduated from high school and we all graduated from college. So to be a good representative of my family is probably my greatest accomplishment thus far.

When I'm home the heart and soul of our family is in the kitchen. Growing up my parents both worked so dinnertime was for family - the TV was off. I think it's important to grab that time and really make it special even after a tough day.

My family brought me up to be very respectful of people.

I've been experimenting more and more with LN2 liquid nitrogen. I've used it in battle on 'Iron Chef America ' but have also made some great ice creams at home for my family. Since it freezes basically on contact you can have ice cream ready in mere minutes.

I've always been part of comedy. One of the things about our family was that if we were reasonably funny with each other particularly my two brothers and myself when my father was upset with something you'd want to make sure in some way you made him laugh. Because when he didn't laugh you were in trouble!

To me money is the ability to create lifelong experiences for my family and myself to educate my children and a way to give back to humanity.

In my family we let our boys have a say in what veggie side they want for dinner that night. We list off a handful of options and get them excited about helping to plan the dinner menu. They're much more inclined to finish their plates when they've helped decide what goes on them.

I'm just a public-schoolboy. I've got a degree. I'm from a middle-class family in Devon. I've got no story.

When I was growing up in Mississippi - it was good Southern food... but I also grew up with a Greek family when other kids were eating fried okra we were eating steamed artichokes. So I think it played a big part in my healthy cooking.

I tend to show everything I do to my family to check they won't be offended.

We don't have the luxury of time. We spend more because of how we live but it's important to be with our family and friends.

My family makes these vinegars - out of everything from grapes to peaches and cherries. We go through the whole process with the giant vat and drainer label them and give them as Christmas presents.

I have a lot of responsibilities outside myself. I have a large family. I want to know I can always be helpful.

I'm very very concerned about the Bush presidency. I'm worried about the kinds of cuts in domestic programs that mean something to a lot of people including members of my family who depend on certain things from the government.

I work six months and get three or four with the family. I've stopped racing to get to the red light.

I work six months and get three or four with the family.

Baseball life is a tough life on the family.

I like playing music because it's a good living and I get satisfaction from it. But I can't feed my family with satisfaction.

You have no idea how humiliating it was as a boy to suddenly have all your clothes your toys snatched by the bailiff. I mean we were a middle-class family it's not as if it was happening up and down the street. It made me ashamed I felt dirty.

Growing up with my family gave me some of my best memories. I'd like to have a family of my own - slip away for a bit and do nothing but spend those early years with my children.

I think when someone is injured in your family you want to speak to the individual and you want to hear their voice and you want to make sure they are OK.

My family was all born in Sicily and I'm Italian-American. They're the real thing. They're authentic Italians and honestly they're the most open-minded nicest people in the world and nothing can really offend them. That's the way I think true Sicilians are.

I think 'Tattoo''s a song that can go so many different ways. Some people think of it as a break-up song but for me it's about somebody who comes into your life and really touches you - be they a friend a family member or someone you're in a relationship with.

I think with motherhood and child-rearing in general everyone's going to tell you how to do it and why. I've always said to other mothers and women when they've asked me that you have to find your own way and find out what works for your family at all costs.

I always loved family holidays and I had this vision and dream as a little girl of having a big family of my own.

To me the kitchen is a place of adventure and entirely fun not drudgery. I can't think of anything better to do with family and friends than to be together to create something.

I was the youngest of my entire family so you are tap-dancing to try to get the attention of your older cousins. I really hit my social stride in 6th grade but before that I was a pretty big dork. You learn how to be amusing and how to work for it.

With the counseling of my family doctor my mother ended up turning to Weight Watchers and their children's program. I went to weekly meetings got counseling and would exercise with my peers who were my size. It was the first time I saw a proper children's portion size and it wasn't two burgers it was one.

The Royal Family are not like you and me. They live in houses so big that you can walk round all day and never need to meet your spouse. The Queen and Prince Philip have never shared a bedroom in their lives. They don't even have breakfast together.

The American people know what's necessary to get this economy moving again. It's fiscal discipline in Washington D.C. and across-the-board tax relief for working families small businesses and family farms.

As children we recognized that we belonged to an unusual even exceptional family but the effect was different on each of us.

I love film. After a yummy meal for the whole family and some truly great friends we often go out to see something beautiful and unique.

My father really was not the dominant person who raised the family it was my mother who raised the family.

You don't have a family doctor anymore like you did when you were a kid who treated you throughout your life.

I love seeing my family.

Short of baseball and my family it was gaming. And gaming is a $20-million to $200-million multi-year effort. It's an insane stupid and utterly irresponsible act. But I did it.

But for me I thought you made a record you got on a bus went out and played your shows and made a lot of money. That was the way it was supposed to go down. But there's a lot more to it than that. There are a lot of early mornings late nights a lot of traveling a lot of being away from home being away from your family.

My dream maybe because of my family of course was to be a painter. I chose in one moment the direction of textiles from textiles I went to fashion.

I need to work to support my family.

I just want to have a great relationship with my child and have a great family dynamic.

I have a very strong family.

I come from a massive family and the youngest is twentysomething years younger than I am so I grew up with children.

We are a very crafty family.

My mother isolated herself from all family and friends for some 20 years. And never met her grandchild my son.

In my family in particular I think there was a sense we have to work twice as hard.

I was always on the go and thought I was too busy to develop something like this. I thought at the time that diabetes went along with bad habits but I was the last one in my family to eat junk food.

While I have felt lonely many times in my life the oddest feeling of all was after my mother Lucille died. My father had already died but I always had some attachment to our big family while she was alive. It seems strange to say now that I felt so lonely yet I did.

For me it's about the way I carry myself and the way I treat other people. My relationship and how I feel about God and what He does for me is something deeply personal. It's where I came from my family I was brought up in a religious household and that's very important to me.

I'm very excited about my new agreement with the Heat. This contract allows me to address all of my family's long-term financial goals while allowing the Heat the ability to acquire those players that we need to win a championship.

My family has very strong women. My mother never laughed at my dream of Africa even though everyone else did because we didn't have any money because Africa was the 'dark continent' and because I was a girl.

I grew up in a very old-fashioned Roman Catholic Italian-Irish family in Philly.

Coming home to my family afterward makes the work richer easier and more fun.

A close family member once offered his opinion that I exhibit the phone manners of a goat then promptly withdrew the charge - out of fairness to goats.

Humans have a fraught relationship with beasts. They are our companions and our chattel our family members and our laborers our household pets and our household pests. We love them and cage them admire them and abuse them. And of course we cook and eat them.

There's a sort of sibling moratorium when you're establishing yourself as an adult. So much of your energy has to be focused on other things like work and kids. But when people become more settled siblings tend to regroup because now you're building a new extended family.

It's one of the worst-kept secrets of family life that all parents have a preferred son or daughter and the rules for acknowledging it are the same everywhere: The favored kids recognize their status and keep quiet about it - the better to preserve the good thing they've got going and to keep their siblings off their back.

There aren't a lot of ironclad rules of family life but here's one: No matter how much your parents deny it - and here's betting they deny it a lot - they have a favorite child. And if you're a parent so do you.

My family went through divorces and remarriages and the later blended home - and then watched that home explode too.

For me family always comes first I would do anything to protect them.

A fellow oughtn't to let his family property go to pieces.

When you have a family or even when you're just seeing a girl it's difficult to be skint.

Touring is tough. You're almost in a haze because you don't really know where you are half the time: You're in a hotel room one moment and the next thing you know you're onstage performing for 60 000 people then you're back on an airplane. It's very hectic and I couldn't do it without my family.

I'm not a royal family watcher.

I don't believe in being mean to anyone. I'm a really peaceful person. That's something I get from my family.

I like being in kids' movies and I like being in family movies.

On the one hand the idea of marriage and the sort of traditional family life repulses me. But on the other hand I long for it you know what I mean? I'm constantly in conflict with things. And it is because of my past and my upbringing and the journey that I've been on.

I love Christmas. I really do love Christmas. I love being with my family and I love snow. I love the music and the lights and all of it.

I used to be a classic workaholic and after seeing how little work and career really mean when you reach the end of your life I put a new emphasis on things I believe count more. These things include: family friends being part of a community and appreciating the little joys of the average day.

Nashville is one of the greatest places for the best songwriters in the world. It's been fantastic to live there and to raise our family there. It's a great town.

I wish I had an extra day with my mom sometimes. Or another hour in the day with my family husband and children.

I had the good fortune of having a happy closely knit family.

It was only for two years and I jumped from family to family. It's very scary.

When I heard the royal family wanted to have me perform in celebration of Prince William's marriage I knew I had to give them a little something. 'Wet' is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin'.

Finding that balance between work and family is the hardest thing I've ever done - by far.

My mom always said I was the peacemaker in the family. My older brother Eric was the leader the creative one. I was just his puppet.

I remember saying goodbye to my father the night he left to join the Navy. He didn't have to. He was older than other servicemen and had a family to support but he wanted to be a part of the fight against fascism not just make movies about it. I admired this about him.

My fam is just a regular family. But all of them have great senses of humor.

I went through a period of great rebellion within my family when I was about 9 or 10. I was mad I had no focus had no real interest in anything and so I started to do things that were just rebellious and stupid.

The warrior may fight for gold or for an immediate gain or for something to take home for the winter to feed the family. The soldier is part of a more complex society. He's fighting for a group ethic of some sort.

South Central is just who I am. Even though I have a nice house nice family the rest of my generation is still in South Central L.A. My cousins my brothers my sisters they don't wanna move out.

Even though I have a nice house nice family the rest of my generation is still in South Central L.A. My cousins my brothers my sisters they don't wanna move out. They don't want to and they don't have the means to sustain it. That's where my heart is and that's what I think about all the time.

The best thing I've done with my money is buy a house for my family. You wake up to a house you love and you feel like somebody.

The clan is nothing more than a larger family with its patriarchal chief as the natural head and the union of several clans by intermarriage and voluntary connection constitutes the tribe.

But you know we have a very normal family. We've had our ups and downs. You know we've had our issues but we've had great cause for celebration.

I'm a Republican. I don't want to go to heaven and have to face my family up there and tell them I voted for a Democrat.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family.

When I was a kid I took 'The Brady Bunch' and 'The Partridge Family' very seriously. It was a world to me in the same way that the Greek myths would have been had I read them. You know Marcia is Athena and Mr. Brady is Zeus.

The dream was not to put one black family in the White House the dream was to make everything equal in everybody's house.

I think and I mean this sincerely I was raised humbly. We were a lower middle income family and a household that was scrimping by at times. We were watching the dollar stretching the dollar and coupons. It was all those things.

I have a lovely family who supports me and it's great.

I have my family my children - I have a lot of outside activities.

Do not let your bachelor ways crystallize so that you can't soften them when you come to have a wife and a family of your own.

Anybody who is running a marathon or doing a walkathon doing a fundraiser for their school their company by far it's guaranteed the easiest and most fun way to quickly set up a fundraising campaign and send it around to your friends and family.

If I were to retire I would keep my family's interest in the company the same and say Don't sell.

Some of the things you read you get an immediate reaction to so I've stopped reading things now. I do worry about my family though. Some people do try some nasty things to get at them and try and get a reaction from them.

A person needs at intervals to separate himself from family and companions and go to new places. He must go without his familiars in order to be open to influences to change.

Classical and romantic: private language of a family quarrel a dead dispute over the distribution of emphasis between man and nature.

My family can always tell when I'm well into a novel because the meals get very crummy.

One wants to be together with one's family. That's what families are about.

For our immediate family and relatives Canada was a land of opportunity.

Of course I regret not having been able to spend time with my family.

Playing guitar was one of my childhood hobbies and I had played a little at school and at camp. My parents would drag me out to perform for my family like all parents do but it was a hobby - nothing more.

It was a source of shame for my family that I was in rock and roll which is so blue-collar. It just isn't done. And I felt it too.

It has to be real and I think a lot of the problems we have as a society is because we don't acknowledge that family is important and it has to be people who are present you know and mothers and fathers both are not present enough with children.

Monarchists frequently declare that without the royal family Britain would be 'nothing.' What a woeful lack of love for one's country such statements express.

I had no fun. My family was too serious.

I don't have anything against my mom but my family has no emotional connection to each other.

When I was very little we would get letters from China in Chinese and they' be censored. We were a very insular little family.

Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are they provide something steady reliable and safe in a confusing world.

People just don't laugh when their family is violated and you don't shrug it off. You band together and you defend together. It's a funny primitive instinct.

I've been through a lot of things in my personal and family life. That turned me into a fighter. I always strive to be the best I possibly can.

I have lived in Mumbai for more than 20 years have my domicile here my home and family here.

The sad events that occur in my life are the sad events that happen to everybody with losing friends and family but that is a natural occurrence as natural as being born.

The U.K. needs a system for family migration underpinned by three simple principles. One: that those who come here should do so on the basis of a genuine relationship. Two: that migrants should be able to pay their way. And three: that they are able to integrate into British society.

But in my heart of hearts this is the kind of thing... this is what everyone is struggling with in their lives - relationships and family. To me it's always an interesting area to mine. I'm drawn to it.

The voters are going to decide in November who is going to fix their personal family dismay over not having jobs in America. They are going to pick Mitt Romney.

It's a family that's loaded with grudges and passion. We come from a long line of robbers and highwaymen in Italy you know. Killers even.

You know you only get one family and you have to make it work.

Wart hogs should sue for libel. It is a terrible name and they are fine fellows and devoted family men and it is rare to see one by himself the little woman and the kiddies are usually close at hand.

I don't want to be reincarnated that's for sure. When you've had rewarding experiences in your life - a loving family friends - you don't need additional reassurances that you're going to do something with a new cast of characters. I'd just as soon pass.

Until he lost all his money my father was a successful north London Jewish businessman. He was unusual among his immediate family in that he was enormously cultured and had an incredible library.

It is from the progeny of this parent cell that we all take our looks we still share genes around and the resemblance of the enzymes of grasses to those of whales is in fact a family resemblance.

I feel my family's needs are a priority. I'm not comfortable with the idea of serving the many and ignoring my family.

The name Van Halen the family legacy is going to go on long after I'm gone.

I love being healthy. I get a lot of sleep. I'm a girl who eats. And I feel beautiful no matter how I look. I have my family to thank for that.

You know most people they want to go to Hollywood. They want to be a star. They want to be a rock star. That thought never entered any of our minds the Van Halen family.

Family is becoming more and more important to me.

I was lucky. My family is wonderful. And it's funny because most of my best friends come from very large families. So it always felt as if I had lots of siblings though in the end I had to leave them and go home. I kind of got the best of both worlds as a kid.

God created the family to provide the maximum love and support and morality and example that one can imagine.

The extraordinary thing about India is that it's such a family place. It's full of families everywhere.

Choosing to be in the theatre was a way to put my roots down somewhere with other people. It was a way to choose a new family.

Getting a family into work supporting strong relationships getting parents off drugs and out of debt - all this can do more for a child's well-being than any amount of money in out-of-work benefits.

I do not believe the picture that some people paint of Scottish towns dependent on welfare. Every time I come here I meet people who are determined to get into work. Who with the right help are desperate to get off benefits support their family and set an example for their children.

By measuring the proportion of children living with the same parents from birth and whether their parents report a good quality relationship we are driving home the message that social programmes should promote family stability and avert breakdown.

I do a lot of writing about my family.

When I'm on my own I can be negative. I need my friends and family around to help pick me up if I've had a bad qualifying session. I think insecurity plagues a lot of sportspeople.

The financial costs of family breakdown are incredibly high.

I sometimes wonder if the tragedies my family has suffered are a kind of karmic price for all the fame and fortune the Bee Gees have had.

I'd be a liar if I said I had a normal family.

I'm considered homophobic and crazy about these things and old fashioned. But I think that the family - father mother children - is fundamental to our civilisation.

I'm a strange mixture of my mother's curiosity my father who grew up the son of the manse in a Presbyterian family who had a tremendous sense of duty and responsibility and my mother's father who was always in trouble with gambling debts.

A plague on eminence! I hardly dare cross the street anymore without a convoy and I am stared at wherever I go like an idiot member of a royal family or an animal in a zoo and zoo animals have been known to die from stares.

I want to deal with somebody who comes from another country to the United States and has a family that comes. I don't care if it's a black family from Jamaica or a Hispanic family from Mexico. These issues need to be dealt with but they need to be dealt with in the entertaining way.

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