To me I'm just a regular person going to the mall with friends and now I'm in Forever 21 and I see this random group of girls staring at me and taking pictures. But now I usually have my dad who is a really tall and intimidating person with me so he's kind of my bodyguard.

My sensei was a British karate champion named Brian Fitkin. He was my mentor and because I had a hard relationship with my dad he became a father figure to me.

Everyone gets surprised because neither one of my parents play golf. Like I said in my speech my aunt and uncle really love golf and we visited them and she gave me two clubs. Like people think when they don't know who my dad is they think he's my coach.

I have mostly been terrified of listening to scary stories around a campfire. We camp a lot as a family and at night my dad would try and tell us scary stories. This made eating s'mores difficult. The story would start with something like... 'and the old man who lived in these woods...' I would then run back into the camper terrified.

You know that family is going to be there for you no matter what. My dad gave me a freakin' kidney!

I lost my mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease and we had to relocate my dad after 58 years in the family home. That was tough.

My mom and dad - they were always there. They were always on the set. They focused on our family life. The entertainment business wasn't the end-all. They weren't out to get the next big paycheck or the next big movie. It was about 'What can we do as a family.'

I also turn down what's probably a good amount of coinage to be made out of playing dads an incredible number of obnoxious dad.

My dad was an engineer and so I had this picture of science and technology and pursuits of the mind as being more impressive than artistic pursuits which I saw a as kind of frivolous.

My dad like many Southern men is this very emotionally expressive person who isn't as articulate in words about his feelings as he is with breaking a chair or something like that.

My dad was an inventor and I think I've always had a rosy view of technology or at least its potential.

My dad doesn't like religion much but I grew up very close to the Baptist tradition. God isn't this distant thing. God is right here with you all the time. He's your buddy and you can talk about everything.

I always told my dad I'd play professional football.

My mum was very conscious about fashion and my dad was born into the tailoring tradition so fashion has always been my life although now really I wear the same thing - just in different weights - light and heavy cashmere in winter and cotton in summer.

My dad's an architect and my mom owned a French bakery for twelve years.

My dad recently reminded me that my grandfather's cousin was Lefty Frizzell.

No one was more important than my mom and dad. I know they are watching from a place up in heaven here today to make sure all their kids are doing good.

Usually a family is led through the mom or the dad and their career and for the family to be led by my career even though God has led it could be a lot of pressure.

My dad died when I was three so my mom had to raise four kids on her own and I think there's a part of me that pulls upon having watched my mom do that our whole lives. She had to make it work.

Every dad who loves his daughter is not going to want her to go with the penniless slacker loser poet bum when she could go out with someone who's successful.

I've always had an affinity for lawyers. My dad is a lawyer. He's retired now. My brother is a lawyer.

I miss my Dad. My Dad loved cheesy monster movies so we'd have Godzilla movie marathons. Those are some of my favorite memories laughing at how the monster outfits were so bad like black garbage bags for heads.

My dad was a good athlete. My mom had longevity. There were some athletic genes that certainly got passed down.

My dad was good friends with the Bad Medicine Blues Band - one of the only blues bands in Fargo as you can imagine! He took me out to see them play when I was 12 years old and I was really inspired by their guitar player Ted Larsen.

Dad worked his entire career as an aviation technician. Mom was a legal secretary who became a teacher. We lived a simple American life.

I think that every therapist that I know including my dad and my sister have their own issues. But that empathy is what makes them good at their job.

Truthfully I'm still Corey Hart Dad first.

All my band members were old enough to be my dad. It was like this family vibe.

I needed to step away from music because the truth was I couldn't be the dad I wanted to be to my kids. My truth was that I could not reconcile the two worlds - the entertainment world and being the dad I wanted to be in the present. You can't substitute time you just can't.

My dad wanted me to play when I was a kid so I learned to play the guitar. I pursued a career in music because I love it so much and I enjoy what it does to those who hear it.

It's always been a dream of mine to get somewhere and to have my mom and dad with me up there.

I love my daughter but she had me on couscous and fixed me pastas and made me eat oatmeal every morning and what else turkey burgers turkey bacon and that kind of stuff. So she wants her dad to live a long time and I do too.

My folks have played everything from rock disco pop funk and blues. My dad has always brought and played different genres like jazz classical and Latin. With all this in my pocket I feel I have a taste of everything for my influences.

I know who my dad is I've met him a few times but I don't even call him dad. I know it sounds horrible but I don't even see him as part of my family to be honest. If you want the truth it doesn't bother me because I don't know any different. I just know that me and my mum that was my family.

I grew up in a big Irish Catholic family. My dad was a pretty rough guy. So one of my brothers left home when he was 15 and found his way to the gym. It gave me the opportunity to go and spend some time with him and work out in the gym.

I'm a dad now and whatever I'm doing in life I usually put a lot of effort into it - usually too much effort so it kind of comes off ridiculous at times.

The most challenging part of being a dad is self-restraint. So often your instinct is to teach and tell. I am constantly reminding myself to listen to them.

My dad and mom divorced when I was around ten and I didn't live with him after that though he was close by and we saw each other weekly. I wasn't really aware that he was a writer I didn't start reading his writing until I was about fifteen. It occurred to me then that my dad was kind of special he's still one of my favorite writers.

Somewhere in my wildest childhood I must have done something right. Being able to make a boyhood dream come true is one thing but to have a kid come along and thrill his dad like Brett Hull has thrilled me over his career is too much for one guy to handle.

One of the accidental joys of my writing life has been that I've had some lovely surprisingly good fortune with readers and I've brought readers to my dad's work. I can't tell you the joy that gives me. Because my father's work was masterful.

Mum and dad thought I was going to say I was pregnant. I said oh no no I've just been nominated for a Golden Globe. They were like oh that's lovely love.

From about eight years old I was always making things on the sewing machine. Friends would see me making dresses and costumes and I'd use difficult fabrics such as Lycra and elastic. But you know my dad was creative and my brother is inventive too.

My mom was a dancer my dad's a singer and I've always had that kind of music in my life.

My mom grew up in Kansas my dad in Indiana. They had boring childhoods.

I think people like to think I'm in some way financially dependent on my family - on my dad - but the fact of the matter is I've been emancipated from my father since I was 14 years old. That's something people don't know or understand.

One day when I was like 9 I heard the Beatles on the radio and I asked my dad who they were. He told me they were the best band in the world and I became obsessed. He started giving me their albums in sequential order and I listened to them - and only them - until I was probably in high school.

As I get older and I get a few more years experience I become more like Dad you know King Lear.

I'm a four star general in this thing and you don't rise to the ranks of a four star general by hanging about the house being the perfect dad.

I'd always assumed that I would die at about the same age as my dad - he was 45. I am five years in credit now. I can't get my head around the fact that I am older than he was - ever.

I actually study boxing - my dad was a Golden Gloves champion so I learned how to fight at a very young age. Growing up in Brooklyn you always had to watch your back so I pretty much learned to protect myself.

Obviously losing a parent is very difficult. I miss my dad every day but I know he would be proud to see me continuing to swim and going for another shot at the Olympics.

My mum's parents were from Ireland my dad's mum was American-Irish.

I've hung out at dozens of playgrounds bored out of my mind with not even a look of comfort from disapproving mothers all around me. Either they think I'm a pedophile or a deadbeat dad. That's what I get for being a single dad - suspicious looks at the playground.

No like I said my dad was never really part of the tennis. His involvement around what I did with the tennis and with my mom and my grandparents was really not a part of my life.

I got stuck up a tree when I was about seven and my dad had to come and get the ladder to get me down. I loved to climb all the way up to the top. I must have been a koala in my past life.

My grandmother was an actress too. In the thirties and forties she was under contract with Universal Studios. Crazy credits lots of them. My dad was also under contract with Universal Studios. And my first film was shot on the same stage they both worked on at Universal.

I have a weird sense of humour. My dad's the same. We love watching 'Monty Python' together.

We all have roles in life. I'm a dad a husband this and that but basically I only feel justified in being alive when I'm on the stage.

Some musicians I know are incredible fathers. Like Keith Richards. A fantastic dad.

A mustache really defines your face. My dad had a mustache when I was growing up and I can still remember when he shaved it he looked like a completely different person.

I had my footballing heroes such as Bryan Robson and Diego Maradona but my dad was a rugby league star and he was my real hero. But the relationship with my mum was rocky and we saw things that would affect any youngster.

I didn't really get into golf until I was about 14. My mom and dad were taking lessons from a pro an hour and a half from our farm in Cohuna Australia. When they got home I'd ask my mom to explain everything they learned - drills and all.

My dad is a pilot so I think I was born with the travel bug.

If a cow walked into this room I'd probably walk out. I could milk it but my dad never forced me to do a lot of chores like that mostly because he loved doing it himself.

I love playing a dad. It's hard to find family dramas that are genuinely funny.

On my best days such as when I was a junior in high school coming off a 42-point performance and near triple-double my dad was there to tell me I haven't arrived yet and bring me back to reality.

From my first dunk at 14 years old to my second NCAA Championship at the University of Tennessee my intense training with my dad was always to credit.

My dad was my first coach and drove me extremely hard from a very young age.

My dad and grandpa were in the army and as a country singer you're constantly playing at military bases all across the country and meeting soldiers and their families and hearing their stories.

My goal is for Gunnar to outlive me. That's the way it should be. My dream is for him to be a dad himself one day so he can find out all the anxiety that kids bring to their dads.

My dad passed away before my freshman year and it altered how I thought. I was depressed - I didn't hang out with my friends. I worked through it by dancing.

But Dad and I are the only father-and-daughter acts who have both had No. 1 songs in England.

I remember my dad who coached football would buy some of his players football shoes when they couldn't afford it.

My dad served in two wars has been flying airplanes for 60 years now. He was certainly quite an inspiration.

Every family is different. I am mom and I am dad and I'm going to do my best. You should be proud walk through life saying I have the coolest family. I am part of a modern family.

I always wanted to be a father. I have a beautiful relationship with my dad and beautiful memories. I always knew I was going to have a family.

My family was very supportive of whatever I wanted because my grandfather was an opera singer. My dad's dad. So my dad has an appreciation for the arts and he let me choose my own path.

Growing up I had a front row seat to seeing two people work really hard. My dad scrubbed toilets at a private Catholic school for a while and that was to help me get through school.

My dad has no control over who works with me. Me me and me alone has to take responsibility for anything.

I would say the most help I got was from my dad. My dad is a civil engineer in Switzerland he's 90 years old now so he's no longer active as a civil engineer but still a very active person.

My dad was in the army so we moved around a lot and I changed schools every year and had to make new friends and I found that if I was the funny guy I could do that easier.

I don't know if there is a gene for comedy but my dad was a very funny man. He just didn't know it. He was a naturally funny character and when my brother and I would laugh at things he said and did he would say 'What do you think is so funny?'

I don't deal with death very well. My brother John Candy my dad my mom Brandon Tartikoff just a couple of weeks ago. I mean you lose a lot of people in your life and that's one thing I am constantly working on - pain management.

My life isn't that dramatic. My dad really loves me he just can't talk on the phone. He's too crippled and shy and that's almost harder. He's there and he loves me and I try and try and try it's just impossible to have a relationship.

My dad is kind of a rascal like in a Dickensian sense. He just goes from career to career.

My dad is this very sensible guy who never let me feel that anything was beyond my station.

I'm probably going to get in trouble for this but 'American Dad' is one of my favourite shows. It gets very dark in places but the jokes are there.

When my dad was badly weakened by the flu and my mom wanted to call an ambulance to take him to the emergency room he wouldn't go unless he could shave first and change into a nice shirt and a pair of slacks.

He described how as a boy of 14 his dad had been down the mining pit his uncle had been down the pit his brother had been down the pit and of course he would go down the pit.

I wasn't aware of my dad being an actor when I was young. I remember there was an Australian children's entertainer on television called Ralph Harris and when I'd say my father was an actor kids would say you know 'oh is he Ralph Harris?' And I had to say no and then they would lose interest.

Dad is my best mate and I can tell Mum absolutely anything. I really appreciate Mum and Dad. Why are we so close? Young parents I think. The rock business keeps their minds young.

My parents loved each other. I was raised in a house of total love and respect. My dad worked very hard and my mother was incredibly devoted to him. I can unequivocally without any peradventure of doubt tell you that I was raised with the kind of love that we only dream of.

I was really bright as a kid and tested well and it was clear that I was going to get scholarships to any schools I wanted. My dad always said I could be an engineer at that time it was the elite of society: steady job working in science which was then the answer to every problem we had. It was kind of a mandate. Kind of a dream he had for me.

My dad never told me that when you audition you might not get the role. He wanted to wait until my first disappointment to tell me.

The best advice my dad ever gave me is that acting is believing. Acting is not acting. It isn't putting on a face and dancing around in a mask. It's believing that you are that character and playing him as if it were a normal day in the life of that character.

My dad keeps joking about sneaking into my grandparents' house and switching out their HBO for PBS so they think I'm on 'Downton Abbey.'

We came from a family where we ran our own small business. Our dad made his own products. We made our own sausages our own meatloafs our own pickles. Dad had to do everything himself. He had to figure out how to finance his business.

To those of you who are wearing ties I think my dad would appreciate it if you took them off.

Dad was a chemistry professor at Saint Olaf College in Minnesota then Oxford College in Minnesota and a very active member of the American Chemical Society education committee where he sat on the committee with Linus Pauling who had authored a very phenomenally important textbook of chemistry.

We always had lutefisk for Christmas dinner after which Dad read from the Norwegian Bible.

I'm probably a little more like my dad. But because of my mom I never saw being a woman as being an impediment to being able to do something. She had her Ph.D. before I was born.

I was trying to make art that my son could look on in the future and would realize I was thinking about him very much during these times... that he can look and see my dad's thinking about me but to also embed in these things something that is bigger than all of us.

I'm a good dad I spend a lot of time with my kids.

My dad thinks Obama is a socialist and all these extreme views.

Whenever I did a good performance my Dad and my uncles who were rabid movie fans took me to the movies. There began my underlying love affair with film.

I recruited my dad to be my bass player and fired him on several occasions. He stayed on as a bus driver.

The people on my mum's side of the family are atheist intellectuals who are ueber-proper. My dad's side of the family are missionaries who are more comfortable sitting around in sweatpants than they are in a five-star restaurant. But those two influences converged in my life.

My dad was an entrepreneurial businessman and maybe I got some of his ability.

I've got my dad's height and smoking habit. But I think I've got my mum's looks and sensibilities.

I love being a dad. I'd have more kids if I could. I'd take a couple more one or two more before I croak.

Going through the grief period of my dad and losing him - that was the worst thing because you know when you get that call. When you are seven eight years old you have that almost vision in your mind of what that's going to be like and what your going to feel like and it doesn't prepare you.

You know no matter what I am or what I do for a living I'm still you know the husband and the dad and the protector of the house and I have to be conscientious about that.

My dad always said I was hard-headed that it would take something like that to wake me up spiritually and I guess it did. My heart had gotten so beat up that I didn't have anything left to give.

Work ethic has always been stressed in my family. My dad is going to be 80 years old and he still works part time. My mom just retired a couple years ago and she's in her mid- to late 70s.

My little son Atticus desperately needs his dad and I haven't been there for him... and that's sad.

I'm an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and one of the children his wish was to go to the Emmys so he's going to be my date along with my husband and my dad and his girlfriend. So we're going to have a really fun night and it's going to be really exciting. I'm really excited for him to experience that.

When I realized I was having trouble reading I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Some teachers believed in me but I just wasn't focused on school - I was into the music and trying to please my dad.

If you met my dad I think a lot of things would be put to rest. Because my pops is a pretty silly guy. But Coldcut they're based in the U.K. I'm a big fan of jazz music so American music has had a big influence on what I listen to.

I've got an idea for a modern day faerie tale that I think would made a great short novel. But I just don't have the time to work on it right now. I'm way too busy with the 'Kingkiller Chronicles' and being a new dad.

I absolutely love working with my dad because there is such an ease about it and I also love his company.

I started off playing the clarinet after I was inspired by listening to my dad's Benny Goodman records.

My dad was a master butcher and I trained to be a butcher when I left school. I didn't enjoy it at the time but I love cooking now so perhaps I would have been a chef.

My dad named me Dakota and my mom came up with my first name Hannah. So it's Hannah Dakota Fanning.

There was nothing more important I could do than be supportive as a dad.

I suppose not everyone has a dad who wrote a book saying he didn't believe in the Parliamentary road to socialism.

We had our first earthquake over here recently. That was a bizarre feeling. I just became disoriented and I remember my dad freaking out. Nothing broke or anything.

My dad is very successful in his business. He's always been big in having hobbies and having little ways to get away. He always made time for hunting and fishing. He always encouraged me to do it.

From my dad I learned to be good to people to always be honest and straightforward. I learned hard work and perseverance.

My dad told me that no one could ever make it as a writer that my chances were equivalent to winning the lottery - which was good for me because I like to have something to prove.

My dad was born in Chicago in 1908... his parents came from Russia. They settled in Chicago where they lived in a little tiny grocery store with eight or nine children - in the backroom all together - and my grandmother got the idea to go into the movie business.

My dad was the baby. When he was born they were already successful. They sent him to business school - he probably would have loved to have been a poet or a writer or something and he was very creative.

I wanted to travel with my dad to be close to him again. Having babies and raising my own family took so much of my time I didn't have a chance to be with him very often.

Dad really had little to do with the songs except to perform them.

My dad has always been very proud of me but I think I have exceeded his expectations. When I told him I wanted to be an actor and moved to New York City I think he assumed I would be playing the guitar on the subway and collecting spare change in my guitar case. The fact that I'm not doing that means that I'm a huge success.

I had always loved music. I grew up listening to classic country Waylon Jennings Merle Haggard. My dad loved Vern Gosdin and Keith Whitley. So I kept going to class and started getting totally into playing guitar and teaching myself these songs.

I look at my little girl and I wonder what she's going to be and what she's going to do and what is it that leads girls certain directions in life. I think a lot of that goes back to what kind of father they had and so it makes me want to be the best dad I can possibly be.

I went and took golf lessons so Dad would let me play with him. I was just terrible... but I was able to have a wonderful time just walking around with Dad. I can see the real pleasure of that game.

My dad had been an actor... not only had my dad been an actor but his dad had been an actor and my great-grandfather had been an actor. And who knows before then?

My dad's era believed that there was something noble in being a good guy - the kind of guy that lived straight and narrow told the truth and stood up for what he believed was right.

The best thing I ever learned from my dad was he knew he wasn't the best of singers but he always knew he was a great entertainer and I always thought that was a good concept to bring along that ultimately acting is an entertainment art and you have to be aware of the fact that you want people to be excited to be watching you.

My dad was a singer in a band and neither of my parents went to college and I ended up getting into Harvard and was the first person in my family that went to college and it happened to be Harvard.

I want babies. I think I'll be a great dad.

I feel very warm towards Mum and Dad for giving us the independence they did. My childhood and the fact we didn't have a TV gave me a boundless imagination.

My dad's Irish music was such a huge influence.

I'm just as insufferable and useless as every other dad is. The dynamic never changes no matter what you do for a living.

I think women look for that quality in a man of being a good dad whether they're immediately wanting to be a parent or not.

I was born and raised in the high desert of Nevada in a tiny town called Searchlight. My dad was a hard rock miner. My mom took in wash. I grew up around people of strong values - even if they rarely talked about them.

Indians mock their corrupt politicians relentlessly but they regard their honest politicians with silent suspicion. The first thing they do when they hear of a supposedly 'clean' politician is to grin. It is a cliche that honest politicians in India tend to have dishonest sons who collect money from people seeking an audience with Dad.

I worked with my dad for 15 years. I apprenticed under him and decided I wanted to become an architect. So I went to college for it and then the acting bug got me.

I feel that marrying younger and being quite a young dad helped me with the stability of my career. Protection Status